Can I bridge my bALBT back to ALBT with the AllianceBridge?

If you already have bALBT on Binance Smart Chain that was bridged through BurgerSwap or obtained through PancakeSwap: the bridged bALBT is NOT the same as WALBT, WALBT will replace bALBT entirely. 

Please follow the following steps in order to change your bALBT into WALBT until there is a bALBT/WALBT liquidity pool available on the BSC network:

  • Use the BurgerSwap bridge on
  • Bridge your bALBT from Binance Smart Chain to Ethereum Mainnet ALBT (see also this tutorial)
  • Use the ALBT on the Ethereum network on to bridge your tokens to WALBT on any of the supported networks.

Click here to read the full tutorial for AllianceBridge on Medium.

How to bridge bALBT back to ALBT? 

1. Go to bToken Bridge on Burgerswap.

2. Confirm the popup:

3. Go to BEP20 to ERC20:

4. Go to select a token (click on the smiley) and enter the bALBT token address 0x72fAa679E1008Ad8382959FF48E392042A8b06f7 (click again on the smiley):

5. Select the amount of tokens, Approve the process and confirm Redeem crosschain assets

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